Lyra’s dream

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Lyra rubbed her eyes. She hoped all this is a dream. But next to her, a girl was sleeping, and next to her a boy and a few more children. I’m still here… – Lyra thought and looked towards the window where the eternal day shone brightly. Actually, it was just like she wanted it to be: eternal day, no school and no parents. Freedom.

But, the thing was this: it was her third day of “freedom” and Lyra really missed her mom, dad and everybody else. She bitterly admitted that she missed school too. But who would think that her wish is going to come true and when she didn’t want it to so much. Or did I? – Lyra wasn’t sure anymore. In any case, I want to go home! – she thought angrily and sneaked out of the room full of sleeping children.

She went out of the house. Outside, there was this weird world of the eternal day without parents. On the first day Lyra didn’t sleep at all, but yesterday she realized that by sleeping she recharges her batteries and when they are empty, we are clumsy and good for nothing. That is why she had a good sleep yesterday. The day was sunny without a cloud in the sky. The children were up and about and they did whatever they pleased. Lyra saw a group of girls across the street that were ravaging the leftovers from the cake-shop show-window. For breakfast. The boys were eating yogurts and crackers that they just took from the shop across the street. There were no adults to stop them. The children ruled. Lyra thought that the food will probably soon go bad and that she had enough of Nutella and cream cheese. – Oh, I would gladly eat her stew now! – Lyra thought of mom vegetable stew. – I wish I never wished for it! But who would think this would happen?! Lyra started to recall how it all happened.

– The dinner is on the table, Lyra! Why do we always have to wait for you? Shut down that computer and join us at the table! – mom was upset.

That night they finally shut down her computer and grounded her, forbidding her to go out and to continue playing because she didn’t eat her dinner (mom made a yucky vegetable stew that, sorry mom, Lyra hates!) and Lyra strongly wished to wake up in a world without parents and a world of eternal day so that she’d never had to go to bed and where the children would be free and do what they pleased!

The rest is history. It was fun in the beginning. When Lyra realized that her wish came true and that suddenly she is her own boss, Lyra was ecstatic! She explored all the buildings and stores with their friends where they took everything they liked. They had a blast! But the first day slowly turned into the other and as if there was no night they just fell asleep where they found appropriate. The rest of the day was spent in a confusing play and half-enjoyment of the benefits of this parent-less freedom. Lyra felt how her excitement with the idea was gradually wearing off and she could also see it in other kids.

– Lyra! Where are you, we’re waiting for you! – her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of her friend Vito.

– Who is waiting?

– The whole bunch! Come on!

– And where are we going? – Lyra didn’t have a clue what was going on.

– Really funny Lyra, considering the fact that you cooked this all up – Vito pulled her hand and gave her a sign she is supposed to follow him.

They came to a huge sports arena full of children – the spectators. They went inside through the garage which was empty today, went through a labyrinth of hallways that lead to the stage. Lyra noticed that some children were successfully doing the work for the production of this event. Before she realized Vito lead her directly to the stage. The lights blinded her for a moment but she soon got used to them and saw the cheering crowd of 10 000 children.

– Vito, what is going on here??

-We’re all here because of you, Lyra. You set us free. We are waiting for your speech. It’s time – Vito said and shook her by the shoulders.

– Lyra, it’s time. You’ll be late for school! – mama gently shook her by the shoulders to wake her up.

Lyra opened her eyes and strongly grabbed mom to embrace her. Mom was surprised by such a strong embrace especially after the last night’s events but she decided to not mention it and embraced Lyra strongly. Lyra’s breath was rapid and short and she didn’t let mom go. Mom was thinking that Lyra is still her baby who needs her although this “sweet baby” could throw her in despair with her ideas and demands, whether considering food, homework or helping in the household.

– what happened, sweety?

– Mom, I’m so glad you are here. I dreamt that you weren’t around. Nobody except children.

– Oh, and how was that?

– I could do what I pleased – Lyra looked at mom mischievously and continued – but it was fun for a day. I thought I’d burst from the sweets I ate. I even missed your cooking, mom.

– Did you really? Did you miss taking out the trash and emptying the dishwasher? I’m joking, come on, get up. – and she softly kissed Lyra.

– All that makes sense to me now, mom. You are my guardian.

– I like your dream, Lyra. Yes, it’s true. I hope you don’t feel like I’m limiting your freedom. I’m just taking care of you and giving you direction. Soon you will be a big girl and you will know your way. Do you understand?

– Yes, I do now – Lyra said

pensively and walked to the bathroom with s big smile on her face.


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