20. Love is all around me

Objavljeno, 14.8.2018. | My Yes to love journey

I couldn’t start writing this blog even though for the past ten days my lesson was that love is all around me. But how could I write when I was so happy? And it was so hot the whole week, right?


First, I have to tell you that I spent the summer at a wonderful girl’s place I met 4 years ago on Instagram. Yes, Instagram, and it was amazing! Now we met for the first time because I decided to visit her island. I love extremes, what can I say. I always follow my intuition and I have never been wrong. We arrived at her place where lived with her grandmother, a wonderful lady that I came to love immediately. Mrs. Marichi did bioenergy while she was younger and in better health but when she saw me she decided to make me her experiment and treat me even though her hands ached and she had trouble standing because of osteoporosis. She said – what the hell, I’m going to do it! So I, lucky me, got 12 days of treatment because life really loves me! Mrs. Marichi was a treasure chest of wisdom, knowledge, and experience and I felt so loved that I just gratefully accepted everything and she loved it because the therapy only makes sense then. My father was just observing us from aside and with a reserve (the poor guy still can’t get used to me) and he commented that lady Marichi fell in love with me while she assured him: Don’t worry about her! She will heal completely! She has faith and the will and that is most important!

Annamaria her granddaughter came as a younger sister to me that I can exchange clothes with and my son had Mrs. Marichi’s grandson, his age-mate to go out with. My dad commented that we really are lucky to have found them! Of course, he didn’t know that we did the summer plans on a leap of faith because he wouldn’t understand it and my endless trust in life has never failed me so it didn’t now either.


On the beach, it was always interesting because I was evoking compassion among women of the third age who had their hips operated. So, when they saw me on my unsteady legs, of a just born bambi, they rushed to offer me their help. Not just them, everybody offered me their help and I was amazed by the amount of love and kindness that was all around me! Still, I enviously observed the two-year-olds and how they walk much much better than I did but still, nothing could spoil my good mood.

One day my new friend invited me to a concert in the castle of St. Mihovil in Šibenik and I said yes! There I re-experienced the soundtrack of my youth and I saw an old friend dancing the way only she did. When she spotted me too, we squealed in happiness together like two teenage girls.

– Hey, this is my newest super friend!
She just laughed wholeheartedly. My friend was watching us silently not knowing what to say because he didn’t expect such an intro. Vesa comforted him:
– Don’t worry, we too met like that and in two days we were saying: Hey, this is my new best friend! Only extremely with Anđa, only extremely!


Kruder & Dorfmeister live, whose album we wore thin twenty years ago during our hanging out, although it wasn’t the only soundtrack of our friendship, but how nice is to renew the beautiful memories! Tomorrow they invited us to their house for lunch. Nata, her sister, was my body-double in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTr4ec9LCpE , what means we haven’t seen each other in 16 years, from the time before I got pregnant with my son Gašpi. With some people, you can really start just where you stopped the last time you’ve seen each other as if not a year had passed by. I’m watching this video now amazed by the way I used to walk and I’m determined to do it again!


Their parents greeted me as if I was their family member although it has been 20 years since they saw me last time. These numbers sound terrible but that is the living truth.

And our joy was even grander: I was hugging their crying, touched mom and I told her that her hugs mean a lot to me because I don’t have a mom anymore. That made her cry even more and I didn’t want that but her strong hugs felt really good.

Their father complained that he still struggles with his daughters so I asked: Still? That’s exactly what you said the last time I was here! – and we all laughed. We spent a beautiful day in their home and I felt like I was with my own family.

Only extremely, only extremely…


I returned to Zagreb. On the swimming pool one day a touched man approached me saying that he wants to thank me for the fact that a few years ago in a church I lifted his little daughter after she fainted and held her until he came for her. I couldn’t remember when was it that I attended mass for the last time??! Then he corrected himself saying that she is a 20-year-old now, but it was nice knowing that someone holds me in such a nice memory even if I don’t remember that 🙂

I bought the plane ticket to the YesToAll party in September and a few days later I got the letter from a friend that I met there last year saying that he will be coming from Australia to Europe and that he will be there if I will too. He is my comrade in this journey and we both deeply influenced one another in our healing. What a week!


Only extremely, only extremely… if you surrender and believe that everything is always like it is supposed to be it will be so. Try trusting life. Who knows what beauty it holds for you.

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