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I’m slowly coming to my senses. I’m coming back to my routine. I’ve been focusing my attention on my pineal gland so much lately that my dreams are more than lucid. Up until recently I dreamt only once that I was running downhill, feeling my muscles as I moved my legs, but since past Saturday the 25th of November, 2018., a day I consider as my new birthday, my dreams became so crazy that I am disappointed when I wake up and realize they are not true. But I will tell you about this birthday a little later. Otherwise, the Pineal gland is the so-called third eye, it looks like a pine cone and interestingly her symbol is on all the ancient temples, even in the courtyard of the Vatican and on the Pope’s stick, and it is depicted as the iris of the Eye of Horus, that looks exactly like the cross-section of the human brain. Her exact position is between the to hemispheres on the back of our brain and it has a very important influence on our mind and body health as well as our spiritual growth. It is an endocrine gland in our brain that produces melatonin (that produces DMT, the spiritual molecule) and regulates wakefulness and sleep – and you can find out more about its special properties if you Google it.


After I sprained my right ankle five times in the past few weeks it happened to me two more times in England, which I attributed to my excitement before attending one more Dr. Joe Dispenza Week-long Advanced Workshop, this time in Brighton, England. When I was preparing for the workshop in Berlin this spring, I had a series of falls on my back and my head. The body does it, a lot of Dispenza’s students report that they have fallen sick before going to workshops because the body sabotages us after we stepped up our game, meditate more intensely and it is trying everything to stay in the same biochemistry of emotions that it is used to. That is why is hard to change but nothing is impossible if you have the will!


That is why I arrived in Brighton with my right foot resembling Shrek Fiona’s but luckily I was with my dear friend who joked that he was my Sherpa – my paramedic, nurse and the best companion I could’ve imagined. We spent the first few days in Babraham with my dear friend Ana Maria at her house. Babraham is a small village near Cambridge where instead of meditations we practiced joy and laughter which is as much as healing and beneficial to our health and overall wellbeing. When we finally arrived in Brighton, in the hall with 900 people, the event had even bigger proportions than I expected.


Dr. Joe says that with every our meditation the collective consciousness of humanity grows a little bigger and with it, we set the blueprint to an easier work of everyone who does the work after us and even more miraculous healings. And so it was. I felt like I was surrounded by my people. My state in their eyes was just a minor nuisance which was totally soluble. I enjoyed being with 900 people who saw my smile and energy instead of my cane – everyone except a gentleman who also walked with a cane and we were fencing with them every time we met which made the people around us laugh.


So, what were we doing there? We all prepared for months doing the pre-work, studied, read and meditated (to meditate means to know thyself) – because you can’t come unprepared to a workshop – it is like showing up on an exam without opening the book on the subject and expecting to pass. We traveled from far and wide, we turned our hearts and brains on, we meditated on the beach, we surrendered to love and we defeated space and time and some “incurable” illnesses.


Already the second day there were people coming to testify on the stage that they overcame serious conditions and had fascinating healings. To mention just a few: getting the sight and hearing back, even four women overcame Raynaud’s syndrome (a disorder where the immune system withdraws all the blood from the extremities on the cold and they become stiff, white and useless) – after which they spent the rest of the workshop in tank-tops and t-shirts because they were hot, Parkinson’s, MS, tumors and 4th stage cancers. A girl from Berlin that had a visible tumor on her neck disappear there came to Brighton and testified on stage of her complete healing and the most profound healing to me was a girl named Loulou who the first two days of the workshop sat with an oxygen mask covering her whole face because in the last 5 years she had severe attacks of falling into anaphylactic shocks. Her immune system was “allergic to life” and reactive to just about anything because of what she had to spend her life closed in a room. Loulou was dancing after the morning meditation on the third day and Dr. Joe joked: Can you see her dancing around freely among all those germs? He invited her to come on the stage and to share her story and she came laughing happy as a child. She told us that she was inspired by Miles, a man that spoke on the first day and who overcame 57 tumors on his brain and brainstem after the doctors had written him off. He passionately started to do this work and after a few years, he healed completely. Loulou told us: I thought to myself; if he could do it, I can do it, and that was it! – and Dr. Dispenza scientifically explained how was that possible.


The first two days the workshop began at 6 am and lasted till 8 pm, with 3 meditations and 3 lectures along with breaks for breakfast, lunch, and coffee. The third and the fourth day we had a walking meditation on the Brighton beach and one confused garbage man told one of the assistants:

Photo on the official Brighton Facebook page 🙂


– I thought something apocalyptic was going on! All those people staring at the sea as if they were waiting for something and no one wanted to look me in the eye! – and one angry cyclist yelled: You fuckin’ zombies!


All these days my angel friend looked after me carrying my things, and held my hand when I needed it, carried the mats and pillows for the meditations and even the bedcovers for the last two days for the four-hour-long Pineal meditations that started at 4 am because of the melatonin that was still strong then. And even when we arrived in our apartment for a few hour sleep he combed my hair that was a mess because of the lying meditations. Then he made me laugh saying that he got everything in me: a child (that he has to look after), a dog (because of combing), a Barbie doll (because of the clothes he had to carry) and a grandmother (because of my slow and careful walking). I don’t know how did I deserve it and how could I ever repay him.

And my body was strongly protesting all the time, consciously and unconsciously in my sleep so he massaged my (otherwise immobile) right leg that was cramping and shaking uncontrollably so I wouldn’t wake up. But my catharsis was on the 6th day. After the four-hour long morning meditation I was overcome by immense sadness and I cried during the two hour break and after during the lecture I had excruciating pain in my right kidney so my team leader Kelly Sprague  and another, my friend Petra Brzović took me behind the monitors next to the stage because I was vomiting and shaking uncontrollably. While Kelly was giving me coherent healing, Petra lovingly explained to me that this pain, which I compared to those when I gave birth to my son, that probably I was giving birth to my new self now. And so it was, and after two hours of hellish pain everything disappeared magically and I was overcome by the realization that something big was released from my system. Dr. Joe saw all that and he said that he loves me and was proud of me.

The next time someone asks: who is managing your illness? I will say Dr. Joe Dispenza which is true. He is the only doctor that had a positive prognosis for me and was a true support supported by scientific proof and explanations why all I believed in all along, was possible.

(meditation before the challenge)

(freefall challenge)


How lucky I am to live in these exciting times of scientific discoveries and the availability of information! I feel better than ever, my walk is more stable, I shake a lot less and I will continue until the end!



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