19. What is life but a fantasy?

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Our grandest has left, but luckily for all of us, he left a Trace in infinity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0U5leRzkZE) that will escort generations and generations like it did us to whom Oliver was the soundtrack of our lives. Since I am aware of myself this congenial man with a beautiful voice and at the time funny style of glasses was ever present in all the most important events in my life. I think that all of us Croats can say that this wonderful singer has marked our lives. Oliver, it was an honor living in your time.

Someone said that every 50 or 100 years such a person happens to a country that embodies all the best features of it. Oliver was just that, a synonym for Dalmatia, for everything best from Dalmatia (and she is so many wonderful things) and we can also proudly say that he represented the best from our little beautiful country.

I don’t believe in death, the soul lives forever. Who knows on what journey Oliver has gone to now, but he sure didn’t die. He left us a beautiful musical trail – songs that I am certain to have marked the best moments of all our lives.

I am a little jealous of my mom who now in the quantum field has such a wonderful company. Robin Williams, Louis L. Hay, Jerry Hicks, David Bowie, Arsen Dedić, Boris and Dino Dvornik and now Oliver too, just to mention a few she loved and respected the most but there are so many more. Maybe I am silly, but this kind of thinking comforts me.

I wasn’t sad because now he is free from the physical pain of the body and he has gone into peace. I wasn’t sad until I didn’t see the silent confusion and the pain on the faces of his friends, fellow citizens, colleagues and family members. But he didn’t leave an emptiness behind him but wonderful songs that make our hearts full, every time. I cried moved by the documentary about him and by the words of people said about him. It was such an honor to be a contemporary of this grand man, an example of a man, humble and both glorious musician and artist that touched us all. I am watching the social media and there is no one in Croatia who didn’t post something about this giant. What a summer, huh? Only two weeks ago we were united by the Croatian football team and now by Oliver. Today Gibonni his best friend and musician beautifully said that the most beloved person in this country has left us. He really was that. We don’t know what we have ‘till we lose it, don’t we?

Many say that he was a grand man, yet humble, simple but the greatest. But isn’t just that the formula for greatness?
I feel stupid to talk about me now, but this is my blog and I feel I have the right to. Oliver molded me as a teen too together with a few other big stars like Slash and his Guns N’ Roses and Jim Martin and his colleagues from my beloved Faith No More. They all treated me with respect although I was just a girl with bruised knees wearing Doc Martens. From them, I learned that they are big because they are simple, kind and approachable. Oliver was the first Croatian superstar I met accidentally while going to my Dalmatian friend’s birthday party in a student residence. I fearlessly approached him believing that all true stars were adorned by the same accessibility. I don’t know how it happened, but having more luck than anything, while I was passing by a bar in front of the dormitory I saw Oliver sitting there with his wife Vesna and their friend. Lady luck loves the brave because when I approached them and asked Oliver to come with me to the party and sing a song for my friend (how childish and stupid) – he didn’t tell me off but instead told me to bring the whole party here. I remember running to the dormitory with a lump of happiness and excitement in my throat. I was hyperventilating. I promised my friends that they won’t regret if they follow me so they did because of my inexplicable excitement. When in 15 minutes I showed up in front of Oliver with my 15 friends behind me, Oliver couldn’t believe my audacity. But he kept his word and told the bar owner to lock up. My friend almost fainted. He got and all of us as well, a private concert and a party till late in the night.

Later I met many more big stars and really the biggest ones were the humblest, and Oliver, every time that I ran into him he would remember me and nicely talked to me for a while. And every time I kept asking him: Wow, how come you still remember me?, he answered: My Anđa, how could I forget you?!

A lady from America on Facebook expressed her condolences to me for my loss and I explained that my whole country is mourning because it is our common loss. But that we are all lucky because he left a huge body of work behind him after his 50 years long fruitful career and that that way he will live forever. I posted his song (my favorite) “My beautiful angel” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnDXo-yi4Wo&feature=youtu.be to her to approximately try to depict her what I meant. God, what a gorgeous voice he had! A voice we could listen to even if he put a telephone directory to music or even a tax report.

Yesterday Oliver went on his last sailing to his birth town to Vela Luka on island Korčula, followed by two ships of the Croatian Navi and hundreds of boats who wanted to pay respect to him. I didn’t cry so much since my mother left. It was beautiful and touching. My Croatia you made me proud again; first two weeks ago, by how you greeted the footballers and now by your farewell of this great man.


Photo: Jutarnji List, Pixell

Food for thought:
Oliver’s song lyrics:

A glass of tears
A bag of laughter
What is life but a fantasy?

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