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Objavljeno, 27.7.2018. | My Yes to love journey

I’m sitting on the balcony in Berlin surrounded by multi-culti neighbors intoxicated by the smells of sauteed mushrooms coming from the kitchen – my brother Bubo and his wife Lori are cooking us dinner. Our dad is on a day trip to Weimarr a city with rich cultural heritage and the hometown of poets, writers, artists and philosophers like Goethe, Schiller, Shopenhauer, Shuman, Bach, Wagner, Nietzche, Thomas Mann, Vasili Kandinsky and among other the birth city of the art movement Bauhaus. Impressive, huh? I missed out on it because I am dead exhausted from these five days here: the adventure park, my brother’s birthday party. Yesterday’s swimming in Schlachten See and visiting some dear friends. I would only slow my dad down and my son is not interested yet in cultural uplifting so we dose it carefully so that the teenager doesn’t come to despise us. After all, the guy is on summer vacations and while he is with me I want to remain in good memory to him. This is our 2nd trip to Berlin as a family (4th for me) so we already did all the museums. Now it’s only party time.


The other day after the birthday party in the park that was amazing and where I discovered “Flunkyball” – probably the best parlor game ever of which you can read a lot about on the internet, or watch the videos. So after the park, we went to a karaoke club where we rented a private room and where we played our own music, and my son made me proud singing along with my brother Drake’s Hot-line bling and danced like Drake to it… we had such a laugh, the karaoke is truly hilarious! I came to realize that one beer makes me so tired that I hardly drag my legs, but that four gin-tonics have an almost miraculous effect on me and around 2-4 am I walk like a ballerina. OK not really but the difference is so obvious that my son suggested that I should drink all the time :))) We got into the club with the 14-year-old without any trouble saying that he was my baby brother (which flattered me immensely but OK, it was dark and my baby is 187cm tall), but the best thing was that my son is a great boy that always has one eye on his wobbly mom and he always jumps to help me and hold my hand when I want to stand up, go to the toilet and escorts me there and waits in front to take me back. All I kept thinking was this: those 13 hours in the maternity ward paid off! And I can praise the heck out of him here because he doesn’t read my blog.


I decided to dare to visit an adventure park where last year I sadly watched my son climb to the top like a monkey, thinking, will I ever be able to do this again? I worried if they’d let me in because even walking on the ground is a challenge for me, but I was lucky! The lady working there was a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton and she told me that she thinks that there is nothing more beneficial for my brain and my spirit than this. The park was even more challenging to me than the one we visited recently on Dr. Joe’s Advanced Retreat and I didn’t have Petra but I managed to do 5 stations before I exhaustedly gave up. That lady told me that I made her day and that she is looking forward to seeing me next year when I will be able to do even more. I wasn’t satisfied but then I remembered that it’s my old austerity and roughness towards myself and instead I imagined being my own child and I gently gave myself credit for it. I also felt gratitude towards my self that never gave up.


I often went to the park in front of my brother’s building just between the Wall (East Side Gallery) and the river Spree. There I met many interesting people but the most special was Natalya a Djane from Latvia, who approached me to ask me if I have MS because she watched me walk barefoot on the grass. I was thinking about how we are recognizing each other so easily. At least she did me because she is an athlete and has no physical symptoms but we had a nice conversation and we found many psychological similarities. She invited me to her show (she plays Deep House) but on that day was my brother’s birthday party so we became friends on Facebook to keep in contact.

I wanted to tell you that this is one of the most magnificent cities that I experienced and that I am really happy that my brother chose to live in it. It is full of graffiti art, love, and wackiness and I suppose it is like that because of the deep wounds from the past – it is like a giant kintsugi bowl of 4 million citizens that has her wounds patched up with joy and acceptance of diversity.

We have our chihuahua Pusa with us that is a sheer terror for the Uber drivers here. It probably has something to do with their culture (the majority of them are ausländers) in which animals are considered dirty but as soon we came up to a driver that is a member of the 2nd generation of immigrants and is already a true Berliner there would be no problem and she would sit in their lap because she is a süß (a sweetie). It was fascinating when we encountered a driver who the instant I’ve put my cane into the vehicle exclaimed: I know you! I drove you to that hotel in May! – so I was amused because that happens rarely even in Zagreb. I thank my popularity here because of my cane.


It’s midnight already. Tomorrow is the last day and we are going on a field trip to Poland to the Baltic sea because my father loves Poland and my son and I have never been there. It’s been three weeks my son is with me already and I have to say I am really enjoying our relationship. Not only with him, all the relationships in my life got a new better shape since I changed. The peace really begins with me.


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