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Objavljeno, 23.4.2020. | My Yes To Life journey

There is a New World rising. We have been given the chance to become NEW, and to explore the possibilities, to acknowledge who we truly are. What if creating life was always about the energy? Now is the time to BE IT. The whole world stopped for us to change.

Nina Skorup

Would you rather dwell in your shitty puddle than take a swim in the Olympic pool of possibilities?

“Yes, but…” is just an excuse, a story that you bought and then sold to yourself. Do you want something extraordinary? Let’s go!

There is a class that destroys the foundation of limitations in your life and opens the space of infinite possibilities that you always knew exists. The only thing you didn’t know is HOW to get there.

During my first Foundation class, I shockingly realized I have two options: to accept the diagnose and die or to choose the space of infinite possibilities that started to open up for me. That space I always knew existed (while everybody thought I was crazy).

I was like Nemo when Morpheus gave him the red pill and I realized the matrix of limitations I lived in.

After only four days of class, I was NEW. I was walking through the world as if I was experiencing it for the first time. And the crazy thing was – it was getting better and better and better….

Nina Skorup CF(the facilitator of the class) is the rocketship from the future. Her superpower is seeing the future that others can’t, to go where others don’t, and to create possibilities beyond all limitations. She empowered me into being the potency that I am and to leave the state of victimhood I was in. I was like an injured hind hiding in the woods waiting for the savior.

I am finally ALIVE. And how does it get any better than this?

Choose it NOW. Online. From the comfort of your home. Energies have no boundaries.

What is all possible now that was never possible before?

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