31. Fear is just a thought

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I almost died of fear the other day in my bed because of a loud sound that came out of the radiators and the pipes and I was already half asleep. I jerked as if I had an electric shock. And just as I calmed down and tried to sleep again, the sound came again and a few times more (and I jerked every time), and eventually finally fell asleep.


The next day I learned that man is born with two fears only: the fear of sudden loud noises and the fear of falling. These two fears are alarms that nature gave us and they are a part of our sophisticated self-preserving system. Normal fear is good. We hear a vehicle approaching and we step aside to avoid being hit… All the rests are abnormal fears and phobias.


I remember the time when my son was just a few days old and I was carefully changing my newborn baby on the changing table in my bathroom. I still could not believe that I have a healthy and alive baby and that I have survived too (I had the fear of childbirth, actually the fear of pain). I treated that baby as if it was made of blown glass like those delicate Christmas tree ornaments. And then I reached for something in a plastic bag and the baby jerked in terror (as if it was an electric shock), screamed and started crying. Yup, fear of sudden loud noises is really an innate fear.


Abnormal fear is mostly caused by people letting their imagination go wild and then with the help of it they imagine and see the worst scenarios and outcomes of events. Then this imaginary movie they’re playing in their head terrorizes them and disables them from normal functioning. Some people are afraid that something terrible will happen to their children and their loved ones. since the moment they read about some epidemic or disaster, they live in fear of becoming infected, that their loved ones will die and some of them imagine how would it be if they already had the illness.


And some people gather their courage and jump into the unknown. They succeed in some kind of business and earn a fortune, some manage to flee from a concentration camp (like Dr. Lothar von Blenk-Schmidt), and some heal from deadly diseases, some of them walk after serious spinal damage… basicaly, some people manage to do the impossible. What is in common to all these people? You can’t become a millionaire only by repeating: I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire nor can I get healthy just by saying: I am healthy, I am healthy… I have to be able to imagine it and feel it, emotionally experience how would it feel to have perfect health, and feel now how happy and grateful would I feel if I already had it. Just by that, I would give my body a fix of more than 1400 beneficial chemicals that create order and homeostasis because that is what our bodies do with chemicals from elevated emotions. I could love it and take care of my body as if it was my child and provide the best nurturing and help it reprogram itself, it already knows what to do. Our bodies are perfect.


When you face your fear, when you become aware of it, but take a step to the unknown anyway, then you are regulating that fear, you are breaking free from it. But after seven sprains last month and two the past week, I live in fear of it happening again. That’s why yesterday I’ve decided to do something about it. It can’t be that I can’t overcome it and walk consciously! In my subconscious mind, there is a perfect blueprint of my perfect body. Health is natural, a disease is not! I can regulate this fear, believe in myself and walk normally.


I live in fear of losing ground beneath my feet. And even though my fear is rational, and I know my center for equilibrium is damaged in my small brain (romantically called cerebellum – Cerebellar damage produces disorders in fine movement, equilibrium, posture, and motor learning in humans. It may also be involved in some cognitive – functions such as attention and language, as well as regulating fear and pleasure responses, but it’s movement-related functions are most solidly established)

I can’t remain in that. I can’t live with it. That would mean repeating the past every day: I couldn’t do it yesterday, I can’t do it today. I don’t want to live in the past. Stepping in the future is when you step into the unknown. On those workshops I go to, Dr. Dispenza says:

Don’t you know that fear is fear? You think it’s about physical strength or endurance. It’s about WILL. It’s about the spirit waking up in you and mastering the next moment.

When they make up their mind when they make a decision with such firm intention that the amplitude of that decision carries a level of energy that’s greater than the hard-wired programs in their brain, greater than the emotional addiction in their body. And their body responds to a new mind.

The choice that they make at that moment makes the experience that begins to change their biology. And they are creating long-term memory.

Dr. Joe Dispenza


I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. It’s late, I’m tired, I could fall. Ancient fear. It is both good and it’s warning me, but it’s not here so I would live with it constantly but to remind me to live consciously in every moment. I just have to dare, regulate the fear and one of us has to win sometime.

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