49. The shift

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If you get a diagnosis that is not what you want to hear, the tendency is to say, “Oh, my god! How did I get so far away from something I want so much?” And we say, it isn’t big like that at all — it’s just a series of little things. It is the, “I could choose this thought which feels good or this thought which doesn’t feel so good. But I’ve developed a pattern for what doesn’t feel good. And so, it is the daily dose of not being in the receiving mode that keeps me not in the receiving mode.” And that’s all that it is!

Excerpted from San Rafael, CA on 3/24/01

Our Love,


(and Abraham and Jerry)

A few weeks ago I watched a video where Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how we are not a single person but a community of 50 trillion cells that form the living entity of what we are. I loved the information that I am not a single being but a community of 50 trillion cells that are highly intelligent and without my awareness and interference, they perform trillions of life-supporting biochemical processes inside me. This impressed me: they are all ready to give up their innate intelligence and follow the “central voice” – me, that is, my inner dialogue. My beliefs. And my life is just like my beliefs are.

I prepared for this week as if my life depended on it. I studied, I repeated and revised my understanding of epigenetics, the placebo effect, neuroplasticity, the biology of belief and because I know I have “mirror neurons” – I am watching people’s healing testimonials on how they underwent chemotherapy and managed to turn it into their medicine – they energetically supported their bodies with meditations and so they changed their energy and they didn’t lose a hair in the process.

On Monday I walked in rehabilitative day care in the hospital with an intention to turn this therapy into my placebo and assistance in my healing and to do it like a boss. Seven and five years ago when I underwent the so-called “pulse” (steroid) therapy I had a very bad reaction to it and I handled it pretty bad after it I had heavy side-effects for months. But now I am new. Anđa 2.0.

I was decisive, humble and at the same time proud of myself that I managed to open and accept help. Even though I hardly walked, my energy instantly rewarded me and the kind nurses and the hospital staff took me by the hand and everyone was just wonderful to me. I noticed that the hospital was clean and neat, the temperature was pleasant, the toilets were clean and the elevator came quickly every time. I was “losing” myself in noticing all the things that I liked.

The results after 4 days:

I don’t have any side-effects of this aggressive therapy and even the inevitable ones like heart racing and short breathing were bearable and lasted a very short time. I miraculously sleep great, I’m in a good mood and today a few people in the hospital told me that I walk better. I feel stronger. I am so informed that there is no place for doubt and when the doctor and the head nurse told me with joy and supporting that they believe in me because I have the right attitude – I was blooming inside.

I come in every day, say hello, talk to people a little and then I say goodbye and explain I am going to meditate. I put on my blindfolds, my headphones and in an hour and a half, I see that there is still more liquid to go and that my blood vessel broke, but you know what? I am a new person, I don’t react I just turn on a new meditation and I get high some more on more than 1300 regenerative chemicals and I feel high while my brain goes bye-bye. Then my Autonomic nervous system takes over the command and says: quickly repair, finally she’s gone! And I don’t interfere and I assist it by giving it love and gratitude and my trust. It really is that simple.

I had a shift in consciousness. I changed the box. My inner dialogue has changed, I am telling a new story, and my mantra I love myself turned into I love my cells 🙂

I finally admitted and accepted that I am not the smartest one but I am working on how to smartly apply all this knowledge and information I acquired over time. And knowledge without application is useless, and I am doing just that: applying it LIKE A BOSS!

I am very satisfied. My insight before going to sleep the other day:

All I need to do is change my story and become someone different and new. I need to change the box I am living in. In the quantum field of infinite possibilities, there are an infinite number of boxes. Which will I choose, to which box shall I tune into?

People, I’m in a new box. I feel great, I’m inspired and excited what tomorrow brings. Also, I am peaceful because I know that I am doing everything I can and I know it is because I love myself and it’s easy to be aware and present and take care of the content of my thoughts. Emotional and energetic economy. Now that my focus is on myself, can you imagine the amount of extra energy available for my healing?

Knowledge is power and my sword and my light in the darkness.

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