46. Are we free or more addicted than ever before?

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Human beings have the tragic habit of remembering the things that would be smart to forget and forgetting the wonderful things that would be wise to remember.

                        Robin S. Sharma: “The 5 am Club”

I stopped watching the news and television 9 years ago when I moved into my new apartment after the divorce. Then I thought I might be at risk of not being up-to-date but I’ve decided that my emotional peace is more important. Today, I think that was the best decision ever and I see that the world very much exists with or without my knowing about every “shit” breaking out somewhere. I don’t get it. What are we afraid to miss out on? The air raid sirens are still on every month for testing, and if the end of the world happens I doubt that we will miss the news about it although we won’t be able to prevent that from happening. According to the media, the world is becoming crazier every day but as an observer from the side I disagree and I firmly believe that the world is becoming better and more humane and that more good news happens worldwide than bad.

But that news don’t serve their purpose. You can’t manipulate happy and free people but those who are afraid and live in survival emotions.

We, humans, have 3 brains: – reptilian (ancient, instinctive, serves for survival)

  • limbic (emotional, it makes the decision of how we feel in our environment and is the seat of the autonomic nervous system)
  • neocortex (the thinking, creative brain – it has infinite potential and it is considered to be the crown of human evolution. That part of the brain is the most in tune with our source, higher self with our limitless potential. It generates creation, manifestation, imagination, development, logic thinking, objectivity, empathy and most important – consciousness).

One of the fascinating trades of our ancient brain is its negativity bias. To keep us safe it is far less interested in what’s positive in our environment and significantly more invested in letting us know what’s bad. This brain’s default is to hunt for danger when life was more brutal. And to keep us alive. That mechanism served our ancestors exceedingly well, but in today’s world, most of us don’t face death.
Robin S. Sharma “The 5 am Club”

Today we live more luxurious lives than the members of royalty just a few centuries ago and still, we feel insecure and are in constant fear of lack of any kind. This is typical for the reptilian brain: survival emotions that include domination, aggression, sex, rigidity, obsession, compulsion, adoration, fear, and greed.

If we want to evolve as human beings and instead of sheer surviving we want to create our lives, we should sidestep the domination of this brain. it’s important to know that this brain is the main target in media, advertising, and political campaigns. It is our “vulnerable” spot by which we can be manipulated. Those who are not aware of this react on its triggers and they are constantly in “survival mode” and hey can’t even imagine that life is full of beauty and abundance.

Luckily this century is the age of information and the big spiritual advancement of humanity, as well as the era of digital distractions and cyber noise that is all around us. It has never been so easy to get informed and yet it has never been harder to remain focused.

I admit I too have fallen under the “death grip” of electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. First, they were my windows to the world in times when I spent the majority of my days in bed, but then slowly, with the help of inner work and meditation, I gradually left the survival mode and started to signal my body different messages. Step by step, my energy grew, I felt better and better but the “death grip” of social media and electronic devices remained – but this I became aware of recently. I was comforting myself that it was good for my work although I never got work through social media, I also believed my addiction was moderate – but if I check my phone the first I open my eyes in the morning then who has who in its hands??

And if besides living in the real world my energy is fragmented on life in a virtual world; on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and emails, to name just a few, how much energy does my body have available for rest and rePair? Not enough.

The creators of these devices and social media don’t want us to be free. They daily invent new super trades of these wonderful devices and their media that make us become like robots. Sit in a cafe and look around: only a few people are talking to each other. The technology is becoming smarter and smarter and people are becoming more and more stupid.

We live plastic lives manufactured by those who don’t want us to be free. It is important to break free from the deadly grip of device distraction and digital diversion.
Robin S. Sharma “The 5 am Club”

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