44. “Field trip” in Mallorca

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My favorite thing is to write surrounded by people but that implies great background music. The new normal: I can’t argue taste so I have these huge speakers on my ears, playing my own music. What a change! Instead of nagging and being nervous about it, I set up my own conditions and my 40s are just what I wanted: an eternal high school field trip but with brains, supreme quality food, wine and music and surrounded by the best people who inspire me to be the best version of myself and when they’re not around me, alone – because I prefer my own company than the one out of courtesy.

Us, Dr, Joe’s students, consider the comeback to our everyday lives a comeback to 3D and it is not easy at all. But our intention to “stay awake in our dream” or “the vision of our future” with our eyes open is even more firm and it almost hurts when we catch ourselves in thoughts and acts that belong to our past.

I wanted to write this blog yesterday but I waited for the impressions of this miraculous field trip in Spain to settle down. All day yesterday I carried these impressions and feelings inside me (NEW NORMAL again for me) sharing them only with my dad (briefly but enough that he can understand because he is not into the Quantum model of reality) and my friend Mary who was very interested in how it went. The rest of the day I enjoyed the newly-found silence and the pauses between thoughts that turned out to be the most beautiful in every stream of thought (whether it is pronounced or written) and even in music, don’t you think? I came to that realization when I was being smart to a girl I met there, Tatiana, who after “the field trip” became my new friend. She was telling her story very emotionally and I totally recognized myself in her, so I got up from the bench abruptly, just to demonstrate to her what have I done to myself by reliving the same emotions every time I talked about my past. We were sipping coffee before the registration to Dr. Joe’s advanced retreat in Mallorca, Spain, and my theatrical standing up on my unstable legs (like those of a newly-born Bambi) had a powerful impact on her.

Wow, I can’t believe this is my 5th Dr. Joe Dispenza event in a little over a year! Just like Dr. Joe likes to say, I woke up in my dream, and emotional Tatiana came as a reminder that the memory without emotional charge is wisdom.

(Srebrni & Jace – Dr. Joe’s son)

After so many workshops I attended in a row the number of the people who recognize me there has increased so much that I felt as if I was on a well deserved holiday with my family – holiday only for our souls because our bodies and minds came for a serious upgrade. With me was mister Srebrni again, my angel without visible wings but with very palpable superpowers. The workshop was held in a still closed resort in Mallorca where we strongly felt the cyclone that hit whole Europe together with this island full of hotels without heating. We were waking up at 6 or 4 am with our noses freezing under all the blankets we could find and sleeping with our clothes on. Yet we all well know by now that getting out of your comfort zone is the path of becoming a master.

Srebrni as a true night of logistics rented a wheelchair for me because the distances between the hotel, dining room and the tent where we meditated and attended lectures were large, so to not lose any time on transport and for carrying the mats and blankets (that we used for proximately 30 hours of meditation that we did), he sat me in this practical vehicle that I feared ever since I got diagnosed and it was the very future the doctors predicted for me.

But now, after years of meditating and inner work I realized that “my crown isn’t going to fall off my head” if I sat in it and thanks to that I gained a new perspective and gratitude that I can still use this practical apparatus only if I wanted to and not because I need to – and that was just relieving and beautiful.

Srebrni trained his legs pushing me around and raced with me so fast that I was cornering on my side wheels, laughing so hard that my stomach muscles ached. I even came up with a horn-like sound (bi-biip) with my mouth that I used for notifying the people walking in front of us, and when I used it we laughed so hard that we infected all the people around us too. He was my hands and arms (bringing and carrying the food in the restaurant) and my legs with jet propulsion! He was also the active ingredient of my laughter and one girl told me that with that smile I look like a queen on her throne and that my cane looks like a sceptre.

This time our team leader was my dear friend Petra Brzović that in only a year advanced into one of the closest colleagues of my doctor. And how wouldn’t she? Again this time, thanks to her, I completed my challenge (challenges are set up to help us overcome our self-set limitations that are usually only in our head). I overcame myself again and with the help of her coaching while I was 10 meters high above the ground, I finished the challenge although my right leg wasn’t obeying me at all! I was greater than the conditions and my limitations and I climbed out of my past and I jumped in the “unknown”.

Petra Brzović (Team leaders rock blue caps)

This time 42 people from Croatia attended the workshop and from over 52 countries as well, a total of 1300 people. If I count in Team-leaders, assistants and volunteers – around 1500 super-kind, approachable people with open hearts, all moving and acting in perfect coherence. The food was excellent, there was an abundance of everything and we didn’t need to wait in line for anything. And what great people are these Joe Dispenza students – I don’t know how to describe that.

Srebrni was the only man in my all-girl team that we dined with and he “stole” the hearts of all of them and even returned the faith to some, that young men with open hearts do exist. He, on the other hand, was smitten by the calm wisdom and beauty of the women 50+ and also was I – if that is how my future looks like – I am looking forward to it!


(My Wonderwomen)

Oh, I must brag that Dr. Joe saw me in the auditory and came to me and said: I’m glad that you are here again!, what totally made me dizzy and I gratefully grabbed him by the hand and squeezed it, totally forgetting that we were instructed not to touch him while he is lecturing so that we don’t break his focus. But he kindly squeezed my hand and continued on as nothing happened.

The event was packed with healings and mystical events of which to me the craziest was the healing of Jeronimo who had a chronic heart arithmia, who ended up on the ER before the first day, and on the third day he was all sweaty from jumping and dancing in pauses between lectures and meditations, even though he couldn’t even walk fast for years! His heart related serious health issues that he had for decades have all disappeared

And something else beautiful happened. After one meditation when Dr. Joe said to find someone to hug, it turned out that I was sitting on the edge of the row and the only person next to me was already hugging someone. So I hugged myself like I often do now that I love myself. At that moment a woman approached me and said:

– Something “told” me that I must come over and hug you.

I looked at her name tag around her neck and said:

– Maria! Just like my mother! But she died 3 years ago… – and she said:

– Here I am now. I came to hug you! – and upon saying this she burst into tears. She said:

– I am so sorry. I don’t know why I said this! – and I just started crying and hugging her knowing that I am hugging mom’s energy that sent her to me. When I managed to explain this to Maria, that the only wish I had, the only wish to hug her one more time, because I often meet her in my meditations (my mom introduced me to the concept of Zero Point Energy Field 10 years ago), after which Maria and I cried and laughed from joy and gratitude for a long time. Crazy. Maria later told me that for her it was beautiful and almost like an out of body experience.

I know this blog is long but at the same time it is tragically short and štur to describe my miraculous “high-school field trip”. Forgive me.

I am so grateful.

My life is beautiful.

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