42. Inner work

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I think that each of us has our own personal evolution. I tend to figure things out by myself. So my evolution would be to involve others, grow with them. For someone who’s wired to figure things out with others, their evolution would be to go within alone. Either way, we evolve and meet in the middle. Comfortable in the silence within, comfortable with reaching out. I don’t have life figured out. But I sure am trying my best. If I fall, to learn from it so that when I rise, I have the gift — the lesson — that I absorb into myself and share.

Ravikant, Kamal. Live Your Truth (p. 10). Founderzen. Kindle Edition.

I’m talking to a friend who just started doing inner work and after a good start all of her demons, those that she ignored successfully ignored for years, or pretended that they don’t exist, started to appear and here they were louder and scarier than before. She was confuzed:

– How come I feel worse than when I started doing “the work”? It seems like everything is falling apart around me…

– Maybe all the things falling apart weren’t built on solid foundations? – I suggested and she interrupted me:

– Yes and it’s all clearing up now, making room for the new to come…

But what is “inner work”? I’ve found a great definition: “It is a psychological and spiritual work (daily practice) od diving into oneself in our inner self in order to know ourself, understand ourself heal and transform. The inner self is composed of our hidden feelings, beliefs, preconceptios, wounds, shadows and other mental and emotional states that prevent us from feeling whole in our core.”

But on this journey you have to go all the way and totally dedicate yourself to it. Dr. Joe Dispenza says inner work is like pregnancy. You can’t be a little pregnant – either you are or you are not (all in).

Inner work will make you feel lonely, wounded, crying and sometimes scared.. It isn’t a process that you will want to display on Instagram, and that is why many people are scared of diving deeply into themselves. Once, Carl Gustav Jung said:

People will do anithing, no matter how absurd it may seam, to avoid facing their own souls.”

This may sound absurd but take a look at the world around you: we are exploring the universe, we know almost everything about the art of war and kiling each other and everything about fight against and defend from the enemy yet we know nothing about how to control our inner “enemies”. It is much easier to blame others, God or fate, feel like a victim than to face our own responsibility, admit we were wrong and that we may have hurt somebody and that we carry our part of the responsibility in some situation. I know it to well because I am dealing with this on a daily basis.

Yet, there are a few signs that are telling us that we have to do the work inevitably:

– you feel like you don’t belong here

– you try to please everyone

– you feel demotivated and you feel empty

– you often quarrel

– you don’t “feel good inside your skin”

– you have a low self-esteem

– you have health problems

– you don’t sleep well

– you have a feeling of hopelessness

– you experience sudden outbursts of rage or sadness

– you have trust issues (you don’t trust yourself or others)

– you’re constantly attracting “wrong people” into your life

– you have a strong need to be alone or you need to be constantly surrounded with people to avoid being with yourself

– your prone to nervousness and obsession…

There are many more reasons but there is nothing more important doing than inner work if you want to find your true purpose in life. And once you dedicate yourself to the inner work, by doing it you are doing two goods: like an alchemist you are changing your pain into your strength and by your change you are positively influencing others around you. What could be better than healing yourself, evolve, feel happier, give yourself back your power and live in harmony with others and emit those beautiful waves of change around yourself?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes, the only way to evolve is to open ourselves fully. Be raw, honest. Vulnerable. That’s another thing I’ve learned. There is strength in this vulnerability, in tearing down the walls. People sense it in you. The world is hungry for it. And the greatest healing — for you, for those around you — it comes from opening. Opening yourself wide. To your humanness, to your feelings. And ultimately, to yourself.

Ravikant, Kamal. Live Your Truth (pp. 10-11). Founderzen. Kindle Edition.

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