41. What kind of signal are you emitting?

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Up until recently, they measured human brain waves and it’s electrical activity in the brain with an electroencephalogram (EEG), by placing electrodes on a person’s head. But lately, they realized that they can measure this electricity that happens naturally in the human brain, with the help of Magnetoencephalogram (MEG) in the magnetic field outside the body. Dr. Bruce Lipton says:

Our thoughts are not contained inside our head. When we have a negative thought, it’s not just a negative thought bouncing around in our head. It’s a broadcast. In the world of quantum physics, it’s an impulse that will return a similar response (The A string of my guitar activates the A string in yours, right?). What’s the relevance? There could be ten people out there – nine in a positive state of mind, one in a negative. If we send out a negative broadcast, who is going to pick it up? Not the nine positive people – they aren’t tuned to that frequency. Who is going to pick it up is the negative person. What happens if we activate a negative person with our negative broadcast? We bring them in to life!

When we have negative thoughts we literally attract others who are tuned to that same frequency and thus we create a negative outcome of a situation. The good thing in all that is that after we become aware of it we can “catch ourselves” in the process, realize we have a choice and we can change the signal we’re emitting and attract a whole different orchestra of vibes. That’s why it is said that money attracts money, happiness attracts happiness and some people are a magnet for misery. Before I understood this I was very sad thinking that some people simply weren’t born under a lucky star and that others are predestined for happiness and success. We often hear: poor man, he is such a good person and has such terrible luck! But we can’t know his thoughts and the signal he is emitting, right?

Here’s me for example: even though in public I always tried to put a happy face on and at least seem positive on the outside, in that gloomy period of my life due to the divorce, child custody battle, my sickness, and ilness and death of some dear members of my family, behind the grinning facade I was emitting toxic thoughts that were attracting even more negativity and proving me that life sucks. Besides the 6-year long custody battle on the court I attracted a whole series of negativity wherever I was: in traffic, in my relationships, on counters, in business affairs and opportunities, and so on.

The majority of these thoughts came from my subconscious programs that in the state of prolonged heavy stress have become louder and more valid. Dr. Bruce Lipton says that we “only” need to catch ourselves in the negative pattern of thoughts. We humans only think that we think. We actually very rarely think creatively and instead most of the time we are remembering some past event and then we analyze it. That moment our conscious mind leaves and our subconscious programs take over. Dr. Lipton estimates that 95% of our lives are run by the subconscious automatic programs because that is the way we are using our mind, and the majority of these programs are self-sabotaging, undermining and limiting programs that we picked up until we were 7 years of age.

Repetitive thoughts tell you right away that you are playing a program over and over again. That should be the alarm that says, “I’m playing the program.” And it’s a wake-up call if you catch it. When you notice you are having repetitive thoughts, you’re playing a tape. And the moment you realize that you can stop playing the tape. Now you’ve taken the power back. And you can choose to play something else. But if you don’t do something at that moment to take back the power then you’ll just drop back in and keep playing the default tape over and over again… and believe me, it doesn’t get better every time it plays!

Dr. Bruce Lipton

But how can we catch ourselves in the program? Dr. Lipton says that we have to interrupt the pattern. That sounds nice but we have about 60 000 thoughts so it’s a mission impossible to catch the possible negative thoughts and stop emitting their signals. But Dr. Lipton also says that it’s a mission impossible only for our brain that serves as a device for rationalization and calculation. One thought leads to another and that’s OK but if we have one faulty thought our result will be flawed.

Luckily we have a whole lot a bigger force dwelling in our bodies whose capacity of emitting is multiple times greater than the brain’s. That force is called The Heart. The heart is a sensory organ that acts as a sophisticated coding device and as a center for processing that enables us to learn, remember and make independent and functional decisions. The heart generates the biggest electromagnetic field in and around the body – a field that is about 60 times bigger in amplitude than that of the brain. Dr. Lipton says that the difference between the heart and the brain is in that that the heart doesn’t do calculations. The heart “reads” energy and it’s a language accessible to all of us.

The first language of communication is energy. Vibration. There’s a whole range of energy we as humans feel, but essentially there are two kinds of vibes. There’s good vibes and bad vibes. Bad vibes take away your energy and good vibes enhance your energy. The vibes don’t tell us the words, they don’t tell us the details or rational thought. They just tell us if this energy is good for us or bad. When an animal feels bad vibes what do you think it does? It moves away. How does it know? Because its life is based on energy. You have energy, you gain life. You lose energy, you lose life. This is the primal communication form of everything from bacteria to humans.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Only us humans disregard the ability to read and listen to that energy guidance and instead we go in our mind, we rationalize and annalize what to do based on the facts and our experiences in the past even though our heart always knows the way and the right answer. Although at times it seems that its guidance is weird, as Dr. Lipton says that the way of the heart is always the right way because it knows where the good energy is. When you have a question put it in your heart and ask yourself: how do I feel with this decision? Then you will know exactly what to do.

The best thing is to have in mind that we should keep returning to the present moment – rather than to surrender to the thinking and analyzing because that momentarily takes us out of the present moment and draws us into our subconscious programs. When we are in the present moment we are in the heart. It doesn’t mean that everything is perfect but it means that we don’t terrorize ourselves with our thoughts – because that’s where all our problems stem from! Do you know that 90% of the times we suffer we suffer because of our thoughts and not the actual events? It is crazy, isn’t it? When we brutalize our systems with fear or by feeling like a victim – that is the sign that our subconscious programs run the show and not us.

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