36. Love yourself like your life depends on it

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I was listening to the audiobook “Love yourself like your life depends on it” by Kamal Ravikant and I was lying on my bed. When the book finished I looked down on my arms resting in my lap. On the left wrist it said Clarity and on the right, I have a heart tattoo that represents love to me. Self-Love. I thought: Oh God! The solution was in front of my eyes all the time!

For years I have been looking for an exit but I never tried the simplest and most logical thing which at the same time feels so good and is beautiful – Love. Not as a concept, a theory or lip-service but the real thing. I am really good at being angry at myself but I still have a hard time looking into my eyes in the mirror. But what if, for change, every day I would look deep into my eyes and say to myself: I love myself? Even the thought made me feel uneasy, but this was the only thing I haven’t tried yet.

The other day, I saw this on Instagram:
A wise physician said: The best medicine for humans is Love. Someone asked: What if it doesn’t work? The physician smiled and answered: Increase the dose.

We are primed for love. When we were babies we only understood the language of Love. The body knows that Love heals, that Love means homeostasis and balance and I never directly gave my body this, like a medicine. Although I am going in that direction more and more, I passionately meditate every day and I came to love it because of the feeling of peace, love, and gratitude, and I keep training how to evoke these feelings at will. I know how many “super-chemicals” gets released in my body every time I feel these emotions that I wonder why wasn’t I doing it non-stop? Why do I trust a supplement, method or diet more than I trust the innate “super-intelligence” of my body?

It all begun a few days ago when a friend, my ex-trainer Daniela called me and said:
– Anđa I think you should give your body more Love, you know, intentionally give it love because I have a feeling it needs it.
Daniela is always thinking about my body and my overall wellbeing. She told me that I have to buy the book “Love yourself like your life depends on it” by Kamal Ravikant because it’s perfect. I am so happy to have friends like this! When she said it, wonderful excitement washed me over as if my whole body was affirming: this is the truth! I bought the book and I have a feeling it has changed my life on an unimaginable scale (and the year has just begun).

I lived thinking that Love is something I can only get from the outside, from someone. I waited for that someone to come and love me (at last) just as I wanted to be loved. Really? And all this time I have been treating myself like an evil stepmother. How would anyone know how to love me?

Long story short, a few days ago I stopped finding excuses and theorize and I passionately threw myself into this “therapy”. So much, I was even willing to overdose.

Kamal Ravikant’s technique “the mental loop” captivated me: “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself, I love myself….” – because it was so simple. When I began pronouncing it I felt a wave of pleasant joy all over my body again. It was just as he said it, it was as if I gave my mind (monkey mind) a new toy: it is preoccupied with the saying our new mantra, infinite times a day so it has no time for monkey business.

Since I have a new mental loop I am in a very good mood and somehow peaceful also. My system seems plugged in on an infusion of the elixir of life and like a junkie, everything else is secondary to it, it greedily takes in every dose I give it. The guy in a car behind me is nervously honking because I am getting into the taxi too slowly – before I would scream and threaten him with my cane, but now when I love myself, I evaluate him as not important, smile and think: I love myself, I love myself, I love myself. I stopped reacting to what comes out of people’s mouths and because I love myself and because I remind myself all the time, I choose peace because I know it’s the best for me.

Einstein said: Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive and Intelligent people ignore.

There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyously, and abundantly. Many are sound asleep because they do not know about this gold mine of infinite intelligence and boundless love within themselves.

Murphy, Joseph. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (p. 5). Martino Fine Books. Kindle Edition.

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