29. Practice being grateful

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Are you unhappy? That is only because you are ungrateful and your focus is on the things you don’t have. Many of you have children. Are you aware that someone is saying goodbye to their child and yours is healthy? So why are you not dancing?

Ana Bučević


Last weekend I attended her workshop and I realized this is what I needed to maintain my state of high vibration after Dr. Joe Dispenza advanced workshop in Brighton last week. Ana reminded me of a few beautiful and simple techniques that I heard many times of her but I didn’t really apply. And all of us like to fill our brains with information just to postpone their application and work. And I know so many people who “know and understand it all” but their lives tell a totally different story. Dr. Joe Dispenza also says: Masters are not born – they create themselves! By applying the knowledge, doing the work and perseverance. You know, I needed several years to free myself from those horrible emotions of stress caused by the lawsuit and the custody fight, in which I lived for years that took the toll on my physical health. For years I practiced and dragged myself out of their grip and I’m still working on it. I’m reprograming myself.


I already wrote about how the body becomes addicted to the biochemistry of emotions in which it had lived for years and it keeps sending us thoughts that would provoke the same emotional response. Then these emotions flush the body with the chemicals it is addicted to and it gets a rush similar to a junkie getting his high. That is why it is so hard to change and that is the explanation why so many people are in love with their past, their misery and they don’t even want to change.


We live in times of awakening of a lot of people and the consciousness that life is how you are who experiences it. Although many still prefer the role of a victim – blaming everything everybody else for their lives – god, fate, karma, parents, politicians, ex-partners or Mercury in retrograde – more and more people realize that we assign a positive or negative precursor to events in life. Also, the critics of “positive” thinking” and the people who by their example teach others how to create their lives were never louder.


You know they are all right, don’t you? You know that everybody talks about their reality? that’s why there is no point in arguing or explaining anything because all of us are right. Besides, you will really get on their nerves because your optimism shows them what they are not and you are lying because they are telling the truth. And they really are. Their own truth. And their biggest argument is that that you are lying to yourself by your positive attitude although they are completely unaware that their mistrust in life, fear and preparing for the worst scenarios is also a lie – making up the worst-case scenario that didn’t even happen. So, decide for yourself.


Gratitude has dramatic consequences on the body – it strengthens the immune system and upregulates the genes by making new proteins of higher quality (gene upregulation: the complementary process that involves increases of cell components like RNA or protein). Epigenetics says that elevated emotions like love, joy, inspiration, compassion, and gratitude can signalize new genes to make new healthy proteins that affect bodily function and structure. The frequencies of such emotions are much higher than those of emotions of stress like fear and anger and they carry a different level of conscious intent and by that a higher energy. Therefore gratitude is a powerful emotion for manifestation because we usually feel grateful after we received something so the subconscious mind will already believe it is in that future moment now. I already proved it to myself with my “fake diary of gratitude” I wrote about at the beginning of this year. This weekend on the seminar a woman approached me saying that it totally worked for her too.


It is so easy to feel grateful you just need to remind yourself a little. I entered the shower cabin and let the clean, warm and drinkable water run. After that, I went into my warm bed to warm up looking at my closet thinking about what am I going to wear today. My healthy and happy son is coming to stay with me for the weekend and I think that is enough to feel more than grateful. But maybe I should go on counting my blessings because by that I stay in this high vibration longer!

– I have hands and legs that work. I have shaken them. They really feel alive, and there is someone recovering from an amputation just this moment. Or that taxi driver of mine who doesn’t have a right side…

– I have beautiful hair which I wash every 7-8 days and it always looks good with almost no effort

– I have ears that can hear and eyes that can see!

– I have no pain in my body and my two girlfriends can’t even get out of bed. And one has a “guillotine” hanging over her head and they are obviously here to remind me what a lucky woman I am!

– …

When we change our energy, we change our lives. Logical, because we are on a different frequency emitting different, new information.

Try it.

By feeling and practicing gratitude in your waking day you are in the state to receive– you are in an energy that is draving something to you ona a moment by moment basis.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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