17. The power of thoughts

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I have a friend who is very amusing and funny, but he still can’t “get over” some injustices that are happening and he passionately takes mental notes and notices them and he is pretty bitter because of it – even though he is fooling himself that he needs to be “up to date” with things and he plays a chronicler of the actual situation with a dose of (dark) humor. That also affects him negatively, but he is unaware of it. I love him but often his “keeping it real” stance gets on my nerves and that is the reason we fight about, although moderately (as my dad would say, which means we are still friends afterward). I’m trying to focus on the things I really like here and he is constantly bursting my balloons of positivity. In my head, the sign says: so be it… But that friend of mine was never religious so he doesn’t know about this deep message of Jesus, but nevertheless, his life is just as he believes…


I make an effort to be aware of what am I saying when people ask me how I am, but I still make mistakes and some of them come out to be beautiful lessons like this one. A few months ago, Nada Bučević asked me how am I. I wrote down exactly how I felt and what paranoid thoughts sometimes invade my head naively thinking that this spiritual teacher will gently comfort me but this is what happened instead:
Why are you telling this story?
– Because you asked me and because I feel worse than before even though I meditate a lot otherwise I don’t talk about that with anyone… But I guess, you are right. I see your point.
If you told me, then you tell it to yourself, that’s the deal. Speaking of Dispenza, he said that an atom is 99% energy and 0,0001 physical matter. Keep focusing on the bigger part of you! <3
– You are so right! It’s so amazing that you wrote to me now!
Take it as a “ test”. I know I asked you how are you? But the creator and the one who knows the power of the new story never and in any circumstances don’t talk about what he doesn’t want to experience. Because what you are experiencing is already a matter of the past – and I didn’t ask you how you were? Ha, ha, get it? How are you? That part of you is the biggest in the vibrational reality.
– I could cry now. Emotionally I am actually very good.
– Excellent. Keep it up!


Since that conversation, I changed my story even more. Slowly my life became even brighter and I received more and more manifestations of things and events I wished for before.
I am reading this magnificent book again and I found a part that I’d like to show to my friends but he doesn’t like to read books and he most likely doesn’t read my blog either:
An uneducated mind insists on negativity is real and necessary, on corruption being real, it will tell you that you must hate. It is only when the mind is educated and is capable of wisdom, and you are at peace that you can see the human world for what it is. It has been always just as negative as it is today, with corruption, wars, and injustice. You will realize that all you can do is change yourself. You will perceive the reality of the human world, overwhelmed with negativity, but the world’s negativity will no longer be able to affect your state of Love.
                                                                 Yuri Spilny, The Lion moves alone


How to educate your mind? By becoming familiar with its content (and by turning our past to love). What are the thoughts I am thinking? Recently I heard a great parable about how thoughts are like clouds in the sky and we should watch them coming and going. Just like when we are lying on the grass and look at them looking for shapes and associations without turning on our emotions. Becoming familiar with the content of our mind. Wow. Isn’t it logical? It’s the only way to change something,
– I wish you were in my head for five minutes. You can’t imagine that! – an acquaintance told me the other day.
– Are you aware that you just admitted a total defeat from your “uneducated” mind?
He wasn’t. And I am aware now that not everybody is aware. The majority of people lives like hostages to their ETP&S (emotional thinking process and the subconscious). The mind is going crazy and in return, they can’t sleep and have anxiety. It happens when the servant believes he is the master. The mind is a very useful thingie if it knows who is the boss. Only if it serves us.

You know, I used to live like a hostage to my mind and for 5 and a half years I kept talking about what was happening in the child custody battle on the court and at the same time I was wondering why the hell it lasts for so long until one day I gave up exhausted and just let go. The only thing I didn’t try yet was forgiveness – to me, to him and the judge. It was like: I’m sorry that we met. Forgive me for bringing out the absolute worst in you, I’m sorry! But we never forgive because the person deserved it but because of us. I set myself free from these chains and got out of that dungeon. Now I only said theatrically that I changed my thoughts. And the byproduct of my emotional (vibrational) change? Everything ended in my highest benefit! I couldn’t believe it!


We should be careful with words and thoughts. When I couldn’t understand something I often used to say that my brain is going to go on fire. I guess I pushed all that energy upwards and that is exactly what happened. Inflammations all over my brain…

But that’s the past I just wanted to tell you that I have changed my story and that my life became technicolor beautiful and that I feel grateful and happy. And life is a journey, not a goal, right?

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