Foundation class 11 -14. 6

Objavljeno, 8.6.2020. | Blog/Vlog, My Yes To Life journey

I’m aware of the tremendous change I went through in less than a year’s time and it feels good when random people and especially family members notice and have the need to call and tell me how radiantly happy and glowy I am.

Nina facilitated me into taking my power back and to own it. HER GIFT IS TO KNOW what is possible, so she empowered me and never let me give up even I wanted to so many times. Nina was always here to build me up when many times I broke to pieces. She is unique by never giving up on me. On anyone really.

By saying yes to her “very special Foundation class” I said yes to my new life and future. My so-called “fate” was rewritten. Thanks to Nina Skorup CF, my now and my future smell as a beautiful flower garden of possibility.

Are You curious about what’s possible for you? It takes a simple yes – and the whole universe rearranges itself to make it happen

Explore the possibilities from 11-14.6

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VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rrXlYjiMpM&t=4s

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