ENERGY PULLS May 28th – June 3rd (Special edition)

Objavljeno, 25.5.2020. | Blog/Vlog, My Yes To Life journey

Dear Creators and Seekers of different possibilities in this World,

Our first language is energy and nobody ever taught us how to play and how to create our lives energetically. Actually, nobody ever taught us how to create a life that truly works for us. Energy pulls are one of the most powerful tools you can use in creating the life you desire. It is the way of communicating with the Universe to gift you what you are asking for.

Facilitating the energy pulls Worldwide, I have been witnessing changes and miracles in thousands of lives. Bodies, relationships, money flows, lives overall started to shift in miraculous ways. The pulls once learned are opening more and more for you as the Universe is ever-expanding. Pulls teach you how to interact with the molecules and how to open the spaces never available before. Pulls are the tool that always works, especially when you become aware that you are the pull yourself that can create beyond possibilities 🙂

Our Special edition of Energy pulls will start on Thursday, May 28th and will last for a week, until June 3rd, 2020. We will begin every day at the same time*, being together around 30 minutes. We will explore new ways of being, creating the life you have been asking for. This time in the World is amazing – new energies are showing up and we are creating something that never existed before on Planet Earth.

Nina Skorup
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Global Creator of a different World

* there are many US participants so far so we will most likely adjust the time for everybody to be happy 🙂

Register here: https://forms.gle/pCw4ftoi32zyskif8

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