Beyond any drama of this reality

Objavljeno, 7.4.2020. | Blog/Vlog, My Yes To Life journey

And what if…NOW is the time for the New World to show up finally?

What if NOW is the time to BE something different; beyond judgments? What if it’s about acknowledging that there is a whole magnificent world beyond this reality that Earth is inviting us to perceive, finally?

What if NOW is the time to choose a life worth living beyond stupidity?

What if THIS is the call so we finally stop pretending how much we are aware and how much do we know?

Online Bars and Foundation classes8-12.4.

NOW is the time of change! What are the infinite possibilities now when so much is changing?Let s BE it NOW!
registration contact:accesspossibilities2020

@gmail.com+385 91 151 9760 (Whatsapp, Telegram)

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