Back to life, back to reality

Objavljeno, 18.9.2021. | Blog/Vlog

It strangely feels like I have 2 feet in 2 different worlds.
It’s as if my world I came back to is the world of loss and I’m back from the world of gain.

So, I am back to the world that’s reminding me of the things I’ve lost and now I am incompetent of being and doing what I used to.

In the world of gain: – I spent 18 days in the world where I was just enough the way I am.
I am enough.
Just the way I am.

I feel both l excited and afraid and I guess it’s the same kind of feeling and emotion, To reinvent myself.

And accept life, ‘cause everything is possible right? And allow myself to shine And love life here again.

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