Ripple effect

Objavljeno, 31.7.2021. | Blog/Vlog-en

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to change the world. But as I was growing up up it became a task impossible to do. More and more I felt little and insignificant up to the point I got so hurt by it that my own world and my own body hurt. At one point I even became bedridden so I had nothing to do do but to close my eyes and go within and then I discovered this wonderful world inside me that was as real maybe even more real than the world around me.
I finally understood that song Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson and as I was changing, the world and the people around me changed. It was a ripple effect.
Now I know that I very much can change the world and am changing it one person at the time I’m but I had to start with the woman in the mirror.

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