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“If you know what is true for you why the f*** you don’t go for it?” – Nina Skorup CFThe space on Nina’s classes and sessions is where you truly start to SEE you and what YOU want to see and have as your life.

This is about creating something that you know is possible and not about postponing your dream life at all because the future is already NOW! I’ve learned this a lot from her and it goes far beyond any known language!!! Energies and space of these classes are globality of being with a sense of lightness and expansion. And everything is visible and possible here. You realize that you can BE and CHANGE whatever you want!

During a short period of time of attending classes and sessions with Nina, my life has changed a lot! I dared to do what I haven’t done for months. I look at this now and see that this started to show up, wow! And before it was in my dreams only. What else is possible now???

I moved to a nurturing place where my body truly wants to live, I have met and started to create with many people from all over the planet, I have become a model for some modern IT brand, my own project is growing each day…I’m so SO GRATEFUL for all of that and want to say to you, who is reading this, that your life pure magic if you dare to let it show up. Nina TRULY DESIRES for more people to expand their lives!!! And she is having an Online Foundation class on December 3-6th, this is a totally deep experience which changes your life in an immense way.”This is a laboratory of magic, called YOU and your LIFE. Time to step up on the stage of your own life” – as Nina would say. Let’s go for big changes together!”

Nastya Vasilichna (Dancer, BF)

“I know and participate in Nina Skorup CF’s classes for a little more than a year and it feels (and looking at my life looks) like 10 years. I am so grateful and blessed to have met her because she doesn’t believe in limitations and her superpower is the speed of space. Real Wizards live among us and she is definitely one of the Greatest. I was asking for a wise master teacher, some kind of Yoda, who would unveil the secret to life& living but I got something even better: a sage in a pretty woman’s body who taught me to trust and to lead myself.

What would it take for more people to know that? Join her Foundation class 3. – 6.12 and experience for yourself. Your life Will expand into More. “

Andja Maric (Writer, Musician, BF, CFMW)

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